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Vibrant Forest

Vibrant Forest

This is the blog of a project and concept called ‘Vibrant Forest’ by four students from Digital Design – IT, Aesthetics and Interaction, Aarhus University.

Here we will post the process but mostly the technical stuff.

Subjects: stress, Nature, give life, reflection, sharing, unexpected events in the daily life

Domain: pedestrian zone in the city of Aarhus

Materials: Trees

Technology: Arduino, Pulse sensor (www.pulsesensor.com) and maybe a RGB LED band if we can make it work ;-)

Interaction: place your hand on the tree, give life (your pulse) and the tree will give a light- and sound scape back!

The simple prototype

This is the most simple form of our concept. The pulse sensor senses the pulse from the user when placing the finger on the “heart”. Then the Arduino gets the data and make a green LED light blink the pulse.

The problem is though, that you have to give yourself time to place your finger very exact on the sensor before it is able to read your pulse (but is it a problem in our concept? Hm..)